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At TripLeader Academy, we believe in the power of community and the impact of sharing our passion for travel. Whether you're looking to become an ambassador or simply refer friends to our programs, we offer rewarding opportunities to get involved and earn rewards.

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Ambassador Program: Represent & Earn
Join our Ambassador Program and join a community of travel enthusiasts who support and represent our vision. As an ambassador, you'll receive exclusive updates, marketing materials, and significant discounts, while also earning rewards for bringing new members into our community.

What You'll Get:

  • Welcome Package: Receive a digital package filled with our logo, graphics, videos (including testimonials and reels), important links, and a website banner upon request.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy a 50% discount on joining our program or an 80% discount when you refer someone who joins. Plus, get a 10% discount on Nico's trips and other selected ones.
  • Earn Rewards: Earn 150€ for each new client you bring, plus offer them a 50€ discount. New clients must be ready to purchase after a video call with Nico or a team member.
  • Community and Updates: Participate in video calls to stay updated on our programs and initiatives. (Maximum one per month)

How to Join:

  1. Express your interest by messaging us on WhatsApp here.
  2. Schedule a 30-minute call to discuss your interest in becoming an Ambassador.
  3. Start sharing and earn rewards!

Terms: Maintain active participation by referring at least one person every six months to remain in the program.
Referral Programs
Earn by Referring Friends or Promoting Our Course
Love our mission?
Whether you're referring a friend to our TripLeader community or promoting our video course, there's an opportunity for everyone to benefit.
1. Refer a Friend to Become a TripLeader:

  • Reward: Earn 100€ for every friend who joins, and they'll receive a 10% discount on the setup fee.
  • Process: Share your experience and invite friends to join our community at TripLeader Academy.

Note: If the setup fee is on promotion, the additional discount will not apply.

2. Video Course Referrals:

  • Commission: Earn a 30% commission for each sale of our video course.
  • Discount Code: Offer a 60% discount to your community.
  • Resources Provided: Access a Google folder with videos, reels, graphics, referral links, and a website banner for promotion.
  • Flexibility: Sell the course through ads, funnels, or social media, ensuring to clarify the course is from the "TripLeader Academy" owned by Nico Estinto.
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